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  • Dual Source High Resistance Meter, Model 6650A

    • Replaces Teraohmmeter/Electrometer Technology
    • Range 100kΩ to 10PΩ
    • Automatic Scanner Control
    • Any Ratio up to 100:1
    • Live Ratio or Direct Measurement Mode
    • Voltage and Current Measurements
    • Surface and Volume Resistivity Measurements
    • 1V to 1000V Variable Voltage Output
  • Series of Primary High Value 2 Terminal Resistors
    from 100M to 100T with Optional Carrying Case

    • Based on NIST design
    • High stability
    • 100MΩ to 100TΩ
    • Split guard circuit
    • Internal temperature sensor
    • Custom values available
  • High Resistance Matrix Scanners

    • 10 or 20 Two Terminal Channels
    • N-Type Connections
    • Front Panel or Remote Operation
    • Maximum 1000V DC
    • Resistance Measurements to 10P
    • Insulation Resistance 1016 Ω
  • Automatic Temperature Secondary Bridge - 13:1 Ratio

    • 0.01Ω to 100kΩ range
    • Front Panel 6 Channel Scanner
    • Keep Warm Currents
    • Accuracy: < 10 x 10-8
    • Linearity < 5 x 10-9
    • IEEE488 and manual operation
    • AccuTcal™ Software for calibrating PRTs


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