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  • Dual Source High Resistance Meter, Model 6650A

    • Replaces Teraohmmeter/Electrometer Technology
    • Range 100kΩ to 10PΩ
    • Automatic Scanner Control
    • Any Ratio up to 100:1
    • Live Ratio or Direct Measurement Mode
    • Voltage and Current Measurements
    • Surface and Volume Resistivity Measurements
    • 1V to 1000V Variable Voltage Output
  • Series of Primary High Value 2 Terminal Resistors
    from 100M to 100T with Optional Carrying Case

    • Based on NIST design
    • High stability
    • 100MΩ to 100TΩ
    • Split guard circuit
    • Internal temperature sensor
    • Custom values available
  • High Resistance Matrix Scanners

    • 10 or 20 Two Terminal Channels
    • N-Type Connections
    • Front Panel or Remote Operation
    • Maximum 1000V DC
    • Resistance Measurements to 10P
    • Insulation Resistance 1016 Ω
  • Automatic Temperature Secondary Bridge - 13:1 Ratio

    • 0.01Ω to 100kΩ range
    • Front Panel 6 Channel Scanner
    • Keep Warm Currents
    • Accuracy: < 10 x 10-8
    • Linearity < 5 x 10-9
    • IEEE488 and manual operation
    • AccuTcal™ Software for calibrating PRTs

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Breaking down your measurement barriers. Measurements International has been extending the limits of electrical measurement performance for nearly 30 years. We can help you achieve the better measurement practices that your goals and quality systems need.

Metrology, the science of measurement, is the foundation for the improvement of the Quality of Life. Since 1987, Measurements International has been a premier supplier of high accuracy metrology based calibration equipment for DC Resistance, Voltage and Temperature applications as well as standards for AC Power applications.

For an overview of our products and services, please look at our electrical metrology products guide and our high resistance metrology products guide. They are available at our website.


Recent Documents

  • MI-Europe was established in 2005 as a Sales and Technical support office of Measurements International, Canada for better support of local sales representatives in European area
  • It is mainly intended as a European support office offering easier access to support in case of system configurations, installations, training, basic troubleshooting, as well as central distribution point for deliveries of MI equipment to customers throughout Europe
  • Local support in Europe provided by MI-Europe is built on years of mutual cooperation (started in 1996) between MIL and Roman Honig
  • Roman Honig participates in various installations, support and maintenance of MIL equipment in Europe and has been taking annual training at MIL Canada since 2003 to keep the ability of providing such support
  • Roman Honig graduated from Technical University (CZ) in 1987, has 4 years of experience working at accredited metrology laboratory and more than 20 years of experience in technical support of top metrology equipment used on Primary and National level of laboratories